Kevin Hart Seriously Funny (Uncensored, Funny +Full Length)

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This is not Mine I dont own this video. I know its old, but its still funny. Come Check out my channel. Funniest Guy Alive. Follow me on Twitter: https://twi…
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  • mindlessparis

    ” OH No! I push him to hard… “

  • mindlessparis

    I know y’all not in that toilet!

  • Rayna Robinson

    “We got monsters, daddy. Monsters. Prince came out, told us to get in the castle, which was the top bunk, and once we got up there, there were too many people. SO, *** imagine this being said in a creepy child’s voice*** Soooomeboooody haaaaaaad toooooooo goooooo. We took a vote, she lost, so I kicked her off.” “What?” “I kicked her off, it could have been anybody.” “Weeelll, shhiiitt, my daughter made an executive decision.”

  • He must be octopus !!

  • babydollash24

    Tha fuck you mean she can’t have no god damn cookie?! LMAO

  • Bailey redick

    His woman impression sounds like a Mexican kid I know

  • beastymister12

    ” Ayee Ayee, Look At Me, Okay ? Ayee, Ayee, Ayee. What I Do ? You Know What I Did. Alright ? Okay ? Ayee Let Me Tell Ya Somethin. I Put Dat Key In That Door & Locked That Motha Fucka. Didn’t I ? Okay. Gave Ha That Got Damn, Whomp Whomp

  • kayland sims

    U going smack me bitch in front of my frens LLS

  • Sarah Janowicz

    yea whateva fuck you pissin in the bed ass boy

  • kayland sims

    Kevin Hart too funnyy DFL,

  • johnny cage

    imma get it imma get. where the labtop at where the labtop at. imma get imma get it!

  • “daddy you want me to do mine too?” lmfao

  • Funny asf

  • Kevin’s damn so funny!

  • Friend:”Hey Kev you ain’t gonna believe this, I was goin’ through Tiffany’s phone & I found a little boys uhh…situation, on the phone!”
    Kevin:*giggling*”Whaah, what?!”
    Friend:”I found a hot dog without the bun, ON THE PHONE!”
    Kevin:”What the hell you talkin’ about?”
    Kevin:”So you’re telling me there’s a dick on the phone, if I open the phone now there goin’ be a dick on it”
    Friend:”I’m goin’ find out whos dick it is!” haha XD

  • You’re all probably thinking “Whaaa-? Not true, I don’t care, have fun!”
    Shut up! Kill yourselves! Lemme tell you why…*explains*
    She give you an attitude, because she hears FUN, in the background! She hears FUN!
    Guy: “No, no I ain’t taken another shot Steve! No! AAAAAAAAAAAA! THIS IS THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE! AAAAaaaa! Hey, hey what’s up babe?”
    Girl: “You know what? Nothing! Do you! DO YOU! You know why, cause imma do me!”
    *she hears you laughin’* WHAT THE FUCK IS SO FUNNY??!!!”

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