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Here’s a video of Telegrams of Celebrities. Rip-off’s of celebrities. REALLY FUNNY!!!! Celebrities include: 1. Shrek 2. Arnie Schwarzenegger 3. The Mask (Jim…
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subbed by me, there may be mistakes, not a pro tho. Just wanted to sub this cuz i like this part, it’s very funny.

Question by Chris T: Is It Possible To Be An Internet Celebrity and A Wiseman at the same time?
I want to make a YouTube account, a second one, where I can post video game-related content. I already have a channel where I INTEND (haven’t started) to post serious philosophy videos. What I’m asking is if it is possible to be considered a legacy, a wiseman, someone who is remembered through history, but at the same time, like say DarksydePhil for example, be an internet sensation with funny videos too. Please help.

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Answer by M M
steven fry.

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